Review: The Breadery

This is my first ever post as a reviewer so please bear with me. 🙂

My eating routine during workdays usually includes me buying breakfast food every morning, around 9 AM. I buy food even if I had eaten breakfast at home, and even if I’m not that hungry. I just love breakfast food. I mean, there are times I crave for breakfast food even if it’s in the middle of the day! I usually eat tapsilog for lunch, cereal for dinner… but that’s probably best for another entry.

So today, my breakfast-food-loving self wandered into this newly-opened pastry shop called The Breadery, which is located just beside our office’s building. Prior to visiting the store, I was already informed by some coworkers that, although delicious, their prices were a little expensive compared to your usual bakeshops. However, that didn’t stop me because I was really in the mood for some filling pastries, which I wanted to pair with my baon Great Taste White Coffee. :))

Photo from

Browsing their selection, I noticed that most of the breads were already individually wrapped, unlike your common bakeshop’s display of bread sitting next to each other, only to be wrapped when you buy them.  Here’s what the shelves looked like (although this picture is from their Rockwell branch, it looks the same):

Photo from

An attendant was nice enough to approach me and offer me samples; they have portioned bite-sized pieces of each bread placed in plastic boxes in front of each row of bread. He let me try three different breads, which was all delicious for me so I ended up buying one of each:
1. California Blueberries. (P165) According to the description, it has cranberries, blueberries, cream cheese, and walnuts. Although I’m not getting the slightest hint of cranberries, it was nonetheless a great-tasting bread. I like to think of it as a new twist to your usual bagel/toast with blueberries and cream cheese.

California Blueberries

2. Chocolate Blue Mountain Coffee. (P135) This one was really new to me. I haven’t heard about “Blue Mountain” until today. Apparently, it is a name for a type of coffee which is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, noted for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness (baka in love…lol). It figures, because key ingredients include, chocolate, the Blue Mountain coffee, and walnuts. I wasn’t able to read about the walnuts immediately so I was kind of puzzled at first bite, since I thought I was chewing on coffee beans rather than nuts. Hahaha! As a fan of all things coffee (and chocolate), I was already bought on first bite (Or is it the other way around? Since I bought it? Labo.) True to its description, the coffee taste was not overpowering or overly bitter, it was actually sweet. Or maybe it was just the chocolate flavor. The walnuts provided a good balance to the sweetness.

3. Kimchi Bun. (P150) A unique take on the spicy Korean dish, they take kimchi and cream cheese and put them together into one delicious bun. I was initially hesitant to taste it because having tried kimchi from different Korean restaurants around the metro, I have concluded for myself that it isn’t for me. Surprisingly, the bread, to my taste it wasn’t bad at all! And another surprise that cream cheese goes well with the kimchi’s flavor.

Kimchi Buns
Kimchi Buns

I decided to get one of each as I wanted my family to be able to try these breads as well. As my purchases totaled P475.00 (Impulse!), I was avail to avail their current promo of a free 12 oz. coffee for every purchases of P300.00 and up. I got a Cafe Americano, which was a little to strong for my taste. I don’t know, I guess I’m just too used to the fancy drinks from the other fancy coffeehouses. 😛 But, then again, it’s not really a sin especially if they’re called The Breadery.

Today's [second] breakfast: Chocolate Blue Mountain Coffee and Cafe Americano :)
Today’s [second] breakfast: Chocolate Blue Mountain Coffee and Cafe Americano 🙂

In summary:

  • Taste: 4/5 (I want to be able to try all their breads first)
  • Quality: 5/5 (Breads can last for as long as 2 weeks in the freezer)
  • Price: 3/5 (Bread is worth the price, but it isn’t something you can afford to buy every day)

You can check out The Breadery through SNS:


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