What does a full-time mom blog about?

I honestly don’t know. I used to maintain a blog during my singlehood; in fact, I’ve had a lot of blogs during my teenage years, but there’s one I’ve stuck with for quite a long time — it’s hosted by BlogSpot, and it’s still up even though I haven’t posted an entry for a while (it isn’t public, too, because I tend to post things that I wouldn’t even dare tell my closest friends). Back then, I blogged about anything and everything under the sun, and by anything and everything I meant exactly that. You see, blogs were popular in a time where social media sites aren’t. No Facebook, no problem. You post your pictures and reviews on whatever and commentaries on current events on your blog. No Twitter, no problem. You want just a short rant about the traffic, post it on your blog (there’s no character limit!). No Instagram, no problem. Nobody cared about filters and fades on the photos up on your blog.

So now that everything can be uploaded and posted with just the taps of few buttons, blogging became a thing of the past. After all, why bother thinking about words to say when you can easily say everything with pictures and emojis, right? With the birth of SNS came the death of my writing skills. With the start of faster(?!!!!) Internet browsing speeds came slower my inspiration for writing.

What does someone like me write about?

My first published post in this blog is a review of a patisserie I went to when I was still working. I thought I can retain the vibe of having to post commentaries and criticisms about certain things, but right now I’m not so sure.

For a full-time mom like myself, having the time to sit down in front of a computer and type the hours away is a luxury. In fact, as I type this my two-year old daughter is whining because she wants me to watch TV with her. Being a mom of a toddler is demanding (I’m not complaining, really) that I can’t even find a reason to blog. So why am I blogging? Or, specifically, why am I considering the idea of blogging?

Becoming a full-time mom means trading my professional career for my family. A loss of a professional career means the loss of a salary. With my husband as the only source of income for our family, I knew I had to do something to supplement the income and be able to provide something as well, albeit not as much as an employee’s salary. We are lucky that we get by on his salary alone, but of course, we can’t go living from paycheck to paycheck without savings. Thus my decision to find another means of making money.

So, here goes. Wish me luck on whatever endeavor I might pursue. For sure you will be seeing it on this blog sooner or later.


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