Review: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

Nope! This isn’t about me. Hahaha. This is the title of a Chinese series that aired in 2015, which I’m watching now.

From left to right: Viola Mi, Ron Ng, Jerry Yan, and Maggie Jiang

I found the show by accident through Viki, an app for streaming videos of Asian dramas (predominated by Korean and Taiwanese), Bollywood films, and anime. I was actually searching for a new Korean drama I can watch (the last one I’ve watched being Descendants of the Sun), but none of the uploads seem to be available in my country. Viki showed me My Best Ex-Boyfriend as a suggestion, and it caught my attention because the thumbnail is a shot of Jerry Yan (insertI’m a big Meteor Garden fan spiel here). It didn’t take much to convince me to give the show a try, especially after hearing the song of the opening credits–I instantly loved it.

As of today, I am at Episode 4. With 43 episodes in total, obviously I am not yet at a point where I can give a good review of this show. However, I just want to share my impressions as early as now.

First, what a stellar cast. And by stellar, I mean, such eye candies! Jerry Yan is the only actor in the show I’m already familiar with, but it’s fairly easy to develop a liking with the other actors because they’re pleasing to look at. The supporting actors also did well for themselves; no bad apples as far as casting is concerned. The chemistry between Jerry Yan (playing Li Tang) and his partner Maggie Jiang (playing Fu Fang Si) is incredible. In fact, it even shows even if the story doesn’t call for them to be together yet! Hahaha!

Spoiler: They didn’t really kiss here!

The second leads Ron Ng (playing Yin Hao Ran) and Viola Lu (playing Cheng Xiang Nan) should also be given as much spotlight, they do so well to get you interested in their story and how their characters are connected with the main couple.

The story is relatively basic. A romance-drama-comedy of sorts between two couples who broke up and ended up meeting the other couple’s partners. At this point where I am in the series, I have yet to find out where the story will take them. Despite having a too common plot (I actually thought about Wattpad-like storytelling, hahaha) it’s entertaining enough to keep me glued and I believe I will watch this until the end.

The scoring is also great. After watching the first two episodes, I immediately searched for the soundtrack in Spotify. I was so happy when I found it there! One thing, though, I observed some of the sound cues are not matched with the emotion the scene is supposed to be conveying. For example, in a scene where two actors appear to be engaged in serious conversation, the background music is comical. I got so confused because I didn’t think anyone was joking in that scene. I don’t know, maybe I don’t get Chinese humor just yet.

Lastly, the styling, hmm… not so great, maybe? I mean, I get that the setting is a fashion design industry and I suppose there will be points where they have to showcase some sort of avant-garde fashion, but maaaan! Jerry Yan’s outfits are so… 2000s? I can’t find a word to describe it. All I know is that the first thing that came to mind was Vaness Wu in Meteor Garden – outrageous. Hahaha! If he has his own stylist, I may never know. The other actors’ wardrobe seem to be normal as far as I’m concerned. 😛

Overall, it’s a good, entertaining show. Would I recommend it? If you’re a Jerry Yan fan, I don’t think you’ll even need convincing. 😉 Despite being far from refreshing (you know, if you’re looking a for something new and different), this show is well worth your time.


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