Review: Always Be My Maybe

Photo from Star Cinema

Honestly, it seems like all they ever release these days are romantic comedies. It’s tiring to see the same plot both in TV and the movies, but I decided to give this a shot, for the sole reason that I like Arci Muñoz. It can’t be that bad, right? My personal experience dictates that Star Cinema movies are of good quality, so I hoped that this would be worth my time.

Tintin Paraiso and Jake del Mundo (love the word play; their surnames translate to ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’, respectively) meet and become friends and eventually friends with benefits. They both want to take their relationship to the next level (i.e., become officially a couple) but neither of them have the courage to admit their feelings to each other. This is the gist of the story. Despite being very common, it clicks with the audience because it’s very relatable. The fact that this movie is believable (y’know, none of that 50 shits shades of grey) for the average person makes it work.

Arci Muñoz nails her character as Tintin, the babaeng bakla. She is a makeup artist-slash-video blogger who adds hugot to her video tutorials based from her own experiences. She’s funny, witty, and emotional, and Arci fits into these traits naturally. I was amazed that she can do a good cry; my expectations were actually low. I mean, who would have guessed, right? But, there you have it, she can cry and she is good at it. Gerald Anderson is also pretty tolerable as Jake, the chaebol (sorry, Korean drama reference, lol) who is also notoriously a playboy. He didn’t want to settle down at first but when he eventually did want to, the love of his life broke his heart by declining his offer of marriage. Being a smug, easygoing young man, I thought Jake’s character didn’t require a lot of acting, that’s why I felt that Gerald easily fit into it — there’s no effort required! 😀

In terms of performance, I think it was Arci who brought the success to the film. Or at least, majority of the effort was hers. Considering this was her first mainstream movie being the lead actress, she pulled it off quite well. Props also to Kakai Bautista and Ricci Chan, who played Tintin’s friends Esang and Miss Andrei (is this an allusion to Game of Thrones’ Missandei? we will never know), their witty one-liners and their humorous yet sensible advices proved to be a good support to keep the momentum on an otherwise would-be dead serious movie.

While the story isn’t novelty, it’s still a good one to tell. After all, how many of our millennial brothers and sisters have been in a relationship without labels? It’s just “too close to home” to ignore. However, a good story also requires the right words and the proper delivery. There were instances in the movie where I felt the dialogue was absurd, or that it was straying from the plot. Though I expected a happy ending, the turn of events was quite sudden — or probably a little exaggerated — that it left me disappointed. In my head I was all, “I’m pretty sure that’s not how it would go in real life” but, hey, maybe it was needed to be done to keep the movie length tolerable.

Overall, it was fun to watch. 🙂 I would recommend it if you are looking for light entertainment, the kind that doesn’t require heavy thought processes. 😛 Their choice of music is also worth mentioning, what with a signature Aegis song being their iconic soundtrack.

Expecting more good movies for Arci Muñoz in the future, and also expecting other genres from Star Cinema, like, ASAP (not the TV show).


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