Recipe: No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

I’m not really a big fan of Oreos nor cheesecakes, but I was prompted to make this recipe because my husband requested it, so I searched right away for Oreo recipes. Since it was supposed to be an easy, no-bake recipe, I decided to give it a shot.

P_20170623_232318 Continue reading


Review: Oh My Geum-Bi

I can never figure out how to correctly write romanized Korean names. Commonly, Korean names are three syllables, starting with their last name, followed by a two-syllable first name. Is the second syllable in their first names capitalized or not? I know, these silly problems of mine! Continue reading

Review: Always Be My Maybe

Photo from Star Cinema

Honestly, it seems like all they ever release these days are romantic comedies. It’s tiring to see the same plot both in TV and the movies, but I decided to give this a shot, for the sole reason that I like Arci Muñoz. It can’t be that bad, right? My personal experience dictates that Star Cinema movies are of good quality, so I hoped that this would be worth my time. Continue reading

Review: My Best Ex-Boyfriend

Nope! This isn’t about me. Hahaha. This is the title of a Chinese series that aired in 2015, which I’m watching now.

From left to right: Viola Mi, Ron Ng, Jerry Yan, and Maggie Jiang

I found the show by accident through Viki, an app for streaming videos of Asian dramas (predominated by Korean and Taiwanese), Bollywood films, and anime. I was actually searching for a new Korean drama I can watch (the last one I’ve watched being Descendants of the Sun), but none of the uploads seem to be available in my country. Viki showed me My Best Ex-Boyfriend as a suggestion, and it caught my attention because the thumbnail is a shot of Jerry Yan (insertI’m a big Meteor Garden fan spiel here). It didn’t take much to convince me to give the show a try, especially after hearing the song of the opening credits–I instantly loved it. Continue reading

What does a full-time mom blog about?

I honestly don’t know. I used to maintain a blog during my singlehood; in fact, I’ve had a lot of blogs during my teenage years, but there’s one I’ve stuck with for quite a long time — it’s hosted by BlogSpot, and it’s still up even though I haven’t posted an entry for a while (it isn’t public, too, because I tend to post things that I wouldn’t even dare tell my closest friends). Back then, I blogged about anything and everything under the sun, and by anything and everything I meant exactly that. You see, blogs were popular in a time where social media sites aren’t. No Facebook, no problem. You post your pictures and reviews on whatever and commentaries on current events on your blog. No Twitter, no problem. You want just a short rant about the traffic, post it on your blog (there’s no character limit!). No Instagram, no problem. Nobody cared about filters and fades on the photos up on your blog. Continue reading