Meet the Author

Gluttony – my deadly sin.

I was blessed (or cursed?) with too much love for food. And words.

Which is kinda ironic, considering I’m a socially anxious introvert (yes, people, socially anxious and introvert are mutually exclusive terms…but maybe an explanation is best saved for another blog post).

Aivi, c. 2007 😛

Hi! I’m Aivi. It’s pronounced as ivy; I’m also as poisonous as ivy. Charot! Well, partly true, I guess. What with my resting bitch face and all. However, I’m not complaining that people perceive me as a snob. I prefer being distant from others; I don’t like emotional attachments. Anyway…

I’m 27, with a full-time job as a wife and mom. 😉 I also have a part-time online job as a content developer for a US-based retail company. I graduated with a degree in Psychology, so before this life as a SAHM, I had a built a career on Human Resources, particularly in Training and Organizational Development. I loved my job as a trainer, but I love my family more, so I decided to trade my corporate attire for gloves and aprons. I couldn’t have made a better decision! ❤

I’ve always loved blogging. I started blogging around 2003-2004, with Blogdrive. In fact, that particular blog is still up and running, something I recently discovered unintentionally. I want to delete it because everything in there is totally embarrassing, but I can’t remember my password, unfortunately. 😦 So here’s to hoping Blogdrive will just delete my account. Haha! While with Blogdrive, I made another account with Xanga because it was all the rage during my high school years. I think I maintained both these accounts for roughly a year, until I moved to Blogspot in 2005, before I started freshman year in college. My Blogspot account is still active, by the way, but I haven’t posted recently, so I prefer keeping it private for now. I have no plans of deleting my account there, unlike with Blogdrive, because I have almost 12 years worth of memories and raging hormones and whatnot (i.e.: my entire college life!); I like rereading them once in a while.

Anyway, I made an account with WordPress as an attempt to blog more formally—and by formal I mean something that I’d be more comfortable with to share to the public. I also wanted a blog that had a niche, or a topic that it focused on, especially with today’s trend of bloggers = reviewers of consumer goods. My husband gave me the idea to do a review blog, because he said I’m always so opinionated anyway so I won’t have a hard time thinking of what to say about anything (that’s what he thinks!). And with that, I gave birth (painlessly) to Word Gluttony.

I welcome every topic here in my little corner. After all, what’s a writing penchant for if I don’t get to use it to the fullest, right? Although I must say, I’m rarely entertaining, but if I do impress you, don’t hesitate to let me know! 🙂


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